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{ fai/kurogane }

- across the ages.

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Kurogane/Fai - Fai/Kurogane fan comm
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For Fay/Kurogane / Kurogane/Fay fans

Hi! Welcome to the very first Kurogane x Fai livejournal community.

Kurogane and Fai are characters from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, which is one of the newest manga by CLAMP. Currently, it is available in Japanese and English. For more links to websites related to CLAMP, Tsubasa, and related manga, you might want to go here. :3.


Now. The rules of this joint are not very hard to follow, and I expect you to do such.
- Anyone is welcome to join this community, as long as you are a fan of KxF, obviously.
- Stay ON TOPIC; this means anything having to do with KxF. This includes scans, drama CDs, and scanlations.
- No flames or flame wars.
- No bashing of other characters, ships, etc will be tolerated.
- No personal attacks will be tolerated.
- Everything above a PG-13 rating must be specified as such, and put under an LJ-cut.
- Tag your entries properly. If a tag you need doesn't exist, contact a mod.
- Any fanwork or entry that deals with sensitive subjects should be properly labeled, and be placed under an LJ-cut.
- Please be wary of spoilers. Warn for all spoilers on fanfiction, fanart, doujinshi, etc. We would prefer that icons didn't spoil past the most recently released English volume of the manga, though it isn't mandatory. If a mod requests that you change your icon, please do.
- Keep in mind, this is a SLASH/SHOUNEN-AI/YAOI community. That means there will be homosexuality abound, especially of the Kuro n' Fai variety.
- Feel free to post fics and fanart, as well as pictures of merchandise, etc., or ads selling such, as long as they are KxF related.
- Keep all doujinshi, links to doujinshi, fanart websites, manga scans, anime uploads and music upload in Friends Locked posts.
- All images and fics and long posts should be behind an LJ cut.
- Keep in mind this is a MATURE community.
- Have fun!


Moderated by galuxkitty, chasingphantoms, and jlarinda.
If you have any problems, questions or comments, please contact one of the mods.

tsubasarc | tsubasa_awards | kurofay_ita

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