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Fic search

Hi Everyone!

I’ve recently been drawn back into this fandom and have been trying to search for an old but beautiful fic.

It’s about how both Kurogane and Fai got sent back to Nihon country separately. Fai uses his magic to turn himself into a bird and was sort of adopted by Kurogane. Tomoyo managed to figure out his identity. Towards the end, Fai got himself captured by some girls who are jealous of the attention Kurogane gives him. He was rescued and by Kurogane.

Really hope someone remembers the name of this even after such a long time!

Thank you in advance!

looking for old deleted fics

Hi! It's been forever since I've been in this fandom. I've recently just gone through a big milestone in my life and I was hit by this wave of nostalgia.

The past week or so I've been reading old favorites, but some of them have purged journals already. Specifically, I'm looking for anyone with copies of fics by zeeofgreeneyes? I was a huge fan and it'd be wonderful if I could relive what it was like reading her fics again. I was told she gave permission for offline copies to be distributed as long as they aren't uploaded online?

If that's true and anyone has copies, I beg you to email me at
Legal Drug, Kazahaya

Need help finding a fic please


It would be great if someone could help me here, I'm looking for a very old fic, like four-odd years old:

It was a fairytale type one which a pied-piper of hamlet come to the town which Fai lived, I think he was meant to be red riding hood and Kurogane was the wolf. I don't think I ever read it complete so I don't know if it is or what happens.
Sorry that this is so vague.

If anyone knows it then it would be great! If not sorry for wasting space and time with such a vague description (my memory sucks so bad. ><)

RPG Partner?

So I was wondering if anyone would like to RPG sometime? I've got several muses but I do a pretty decent Kurogane if someone would like to be my Fai. RPGing over a message service such as AIM would work best.

Need Help finding a fic

So, I'm kind of new to the kurofai ship and I've been looking all over for the fic Hail Valley/ I've been hearing a lot about it and I really want to read it,but it seems to have been deleted. Does anyone have it saved, or know of where I can find it? I'd really appreciate it.

Thank You!

Need help looking for a fic?

Hi All,

Good day. :)

Hope someone could help. I remember reading a really old fic but can't remember the title. But the story goes like this:

The journey already ended and they got Sakura's memories back so Syaoran and Sakura went back to their home. Fai told Yuuko he would like to be sent to a world he's never been to before and was sent to Kurogane's world. Meanwhile, kurogane wasn't able to tell Fai how he feels so he asked the witch to bring him to where Fai was. But since it was a new wish, he had to pay for it and what Yuuko took was Kurogane's memories of Fai.

Well, I don't quite remember all the details except I know Tomoyo knew about this after she met Fai and touched his forehead or something and probably got the details. But basically, they fall in love all over again but slowly.

Well, hope someone can help. :D


Telam - Chapter 14 Final: Stoichiometry by deathbyshiny, Kuromori
Chapters: 14/14
Fandom: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Fay D Flourite/Kurogane
Characters: Fay D. Flourite, Kurogane, Li Syaoran (Tsubasa), Mokona
Additional Tags: Cyberpunk, Adult Content, Complete

This story takes place a few years after the events in the Tsubasa manga, and the group lands themselves in a dystopian world of cybernetics, cables, and bar codes. Enjoy this ode to Cyberpunk Tsubasa style. (This story is a joint fic where one person played one character and the other person another)

got my heart stolen by a pirate
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Searching for a fic

Hi guys! I really need some help to locate a fic that I read years back. Here's what I remember:

Fai and Yuui were born in country which thinks twins were bad because they have the same face. So to solve this obsession with individuality, a law was passed where everyone has to wear masks. The colour of a dot on the mask indicates your position. I remember Kurogane went to this country and stayed as a guest. But he was prophesied to kill one of the twins. He got close to them until the day came.

I remember this fic was beautifully written and would really love to read it again. Any help would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance!